Kalahari Calabash Sole Survival30 minR 350.00
Sink into deep relaxation with a signature foot ritual that soothes away tired, aching feet with authentic, sun baked Kalahari Calabashes and indulgent aromatic fragrances.
Kalahari Tsamma Hand Ritual30 minR 350.00
Refresh and unwind with the delicate aroma of Tsamma (the indigenous Kalahari watermelons) and the infused fragrance of fresh, wild grasses. Surrender your mind and welcome the feeling of richly nourished and moisturised hands and nails. Ideal for dry, thirsty skin.
Kalahari Khoi-Khoi Escape30 minR 400.00
Escape with a deeply relaxing back and neck massage. Enhance your experience with the Kalahari Massage Stones as they deliver a decadent, deep pressure massage to leave you feeling renewed and uplifted.
Kalahari Desert Glow Exfoliation45 minR 400.00
Unveil lustrously smooth skin with a personalised blend of your desired Kalahari exfoliation medium and hydrating blends of nourishing botanical oils.
Personalise your treatment with a choice of these three exfoliation mediums:
Red Dune Sand
Desert Mineral Crystals
Aromatic Botanical Blend
(Pure, fine red Kalahari Dune Sand)
(From the crystallised Salt Pans of the Kalahari)
Sun dried fibres from the succulent leaves of the Aloe Plant)
Kalahari Rolling Sands Massage
60 minR 650.00
Experience the sensation of rolling dunes and the blue expansive skies of the Kalahari with a deep massage utilising signature dancing arm movements.