We are very proud to introduce you to our amazing staff members. Each and every staff member at Zen-Sense Day Spa is highly trained and focussed on giving you the best possible experience.


Designation: Sr Therapist

With 18 years’ experience as a spa care expert, I strive to provide my clients with luxurious pampering in a tranquil setting. My personal attention to detail assures that my clients enjoy a profound sense of peace and well-being while renewing their bodies and spirits.

Body and skin-care are my passion, and with an internationally-recognised diploma from the International Academy of Health and Skincare, I give you expert advice while feeling privileged to live out my passion.


Designation: Nail Technician, Manicurist, Pedicurist, Front Office / Receptionist

The hands are a part of the body that tends to get taken for granted. Our professional manicurist and nail technician will pamper your hands in a kind manner and will be ready to tend to any of your needs or queries.

Massage Therapist

Esmirelda works wonders with her hands, and is qualified in a number of different massage techniques, such as Swedish Massage, Lymph Drainage, Bamboo Massage and Sports Massage.